Board of Directors of IPCS

The Board of Directors (BoD) is in charge of all aspects regarding the International Plasma Chemistry Society. Amongst their most important duties, BoD members select the location and plenary speakers of the ISPCs, select the Plasma Chemistry Award recipient, and administer the IPCS budget.

Nominations must be submitted by e-mail to Prof. Dr. Annemie Bogaerts and Prof. Dr. Bruce Locke, President and Vice-President of the BoD of IPCS, by February 28 at the latest. Each nomination should be supported by 10 society members. The nominee knows about the nomination, and they would be willing to serve if elected. The election will take place during ISPC. All IPCS members will have a vote. The new members of the Board of Directors will be announced during the Closing Ceremony (Friday, May 26, 2023).

Link to IPCS website for current BoD composition