Instructions for Presenters

Poster Presentations

  • The board size is 900-mm width & 2100-mm height.
  • Please prepare to print it yourselves for your poster.
  • Posters can be pinned on the boards. Sticking with tape is strictly prohibited.
  • Pins (thumbtacks) are supplied by the organizers.
  • Your poster needs to be mounted at the pre-identified location (look for your poster number on the boards) the morning of your assigned poster session, and removed by the end of the day.
  • Poster presenters are expected to be present at their poster location during the entire session.

Oral Presentations

PCA lecture / 60 min total: 50 min presentation + 10 min for discussion
Plenary talk / 45 min total: 35 min presentation + 10 min for discussion
Invited talk / 30 min total: 25 min presentation + 5 min for discussion
Regular talk / 15 min total: 12 min presentation + 3 min for discussion

  • You can use an equipped PC (OS: Windows10, Software: Microsoft PowerPoint). Please bring a USB memory containing the PowerPoint or PDF file for the presentation and upload them during the break time prior to the session. After copying the file to the PC, confirm that the slideshow works well.
    Note that your presentation time includes the presenter change time.
  • If you use your own laptop computer, please check the connection between your PC and the projector during the break time prior to the assigned session.
  • Screen ratio is 16 : 9 (Widescreen) in all Session rooms.
  • The presenters must appear in the session room 10 min before the assigned session starts and inform the session chair of their arrival.
  • The projector has a VGA (analog RGB or D-sub) and HDMI connectors. The presenters using other connection type needs to bring an appropriate conversion cable.

 Important Notice 
Please refer to "How to Check Presentation Result & Style" for the final status of the contribution (Oral Presentation or Poster presentation).
We have not changed any result since 28 Feb without notice to the presenters. Thank you for your understanding that there are cases that do not meet the requests even though the person chose "oral" due to the large number of applicants for the oral presentation.